PHR Training: Flashcards

The goal of taking the PHR certification exam entails a rigorous commitment. Given that there are thousands of bits of information that may or may not appear on the exam, a candidate must focus on planning, preparation, and training. With these three things, you will learn to see patterns and relationships in those many of pieces of information that will make learning not only possible, but easier than you expected.
The right kind of PHR training is the key to your future success. All of those tiny pieces of knowledge can be readily organized into concept groups. While the information you might be tested on is vast, the concepts are logical and manageable in number. You may already know that educational research has proven that repetition is central to efficient learning, therefore, many candidates have found that flashcards are the single most important tool available. Some candidates save a little money by creating their own flashcards. Others have found that professionally prepared flashcards are better, because the information on them more accurately reflects what will be on the test. High quality flashcards will contain a wealth of information in the answers, rather than simply a word or single sentence.

There are other reasons to include flashcards in your PHR training program.

They are portable, so you can study anywhere when you find yourself with a few spare minutes.
Flashcards can also be a good way to get family on friends on board with your study needs. A spouse, friend, or even a child can become an active part of your preparation by quizzing you using the cards to make sure you stay on track.

Also, flashcards can be organized in any number of ways that can benefit your PHR training. Categorizing them by content areas or concepts will help you make associations you might otherwise miss.
You can increase the efficiency of your study time by setting aside the cards you’ve mastered, and drilling yourself with the ones that challenge you.