PHR Testing

Professional in Human Resource (PHR) testing is offered during two annual testing periods at testing centers world-wide. It is important that candidates register and select an exam date early, as available seating is limited. PHR Testing

PHR testing is concerned with six primary areas.

Of these, Workforce Planning and Employment and Employee and Labor Relations should be given the most study time.

In combination, these two areas compose 122 of the 255 questions on the exam. Approximately 30 questions will look at Strategic Management.

A total of 44 questions consider Human Resources Development. The area of Total Rewards is addressed in 41 questions.

The final category is Risk Management and has 18 questions.

Before going in for PHR testing, successful candidates will divide study time accordingly.

The cost of the PHR exam is $300, of which $75.00 is a non-refundable application fee. Students and those who have recently graduated may be given a reduced fee and Society for Human Resour