PHR Online Course

Taking an online course is one of the ways candidates can prepare for the Professional in Human Resources certification exam. There is no question that the exam is rigorous; 255 questions in six areas must be answered in four hours. Simply qualifying to take the exam requires two years of professional human resource experience. However, that experience alone won’t be enough to guarantee passing.

While some test takers prepare by enrolling in a brick and mortar course, others find the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Undergoing training in a classroom setting might seem ideal. After all, the instructor is right there and can answer questions, and studying with classmates may make preparation seem a little easier. However, there are a few problems with this scenario that might make a PHR online course a better alternative.

First of all, anyone with a full-time job and a family will probably find that having to adhere to scheduled meeting times isn’t always convenient. You must consider travel time and, even if the school is located within a reasonable distance to home, the potential problem of parking.

You may benefit from a flesh and blood instructor who will answer your questions, but many people find that instructors are not always willing to stay after class to offer special help.

Studying with classmates also can be helpful, but if you find that you are often the only prepared or most serious student in the group, a PHR online course is probably a better bet.

A little online research can point you to a number of online options. Certification prep courses are available. Online skills assessments will help you recognize your areas of strength and weakness. Practice tests are available, as well as a variety of study materials, such as flashcards. While you should expect to spend at least 40 hours in instruction and as much outside study time, a PHR online course will help guide you to success. Mastering PHR training becomes easier with a high degree of organization together with a high degree of determination. Good luck!