PHR Certificate Prep

Every successful student knows that passing exams depends largely upon organization. The first step in preparing for the PHR certificate exam needs to be creating a study plan which incorporates your learning style and lifestyle. Planning is a simple, direct process.

First, you must be realistic about your time and other obligations. Successful applicants will have to trade some social time for study time. Creating a workable, realistic schedule in which you slot a little daily study time or a few longer weekly sessions gives you clearly marked periods in which you are unavailable to others.
Posting these times on a calendar helps a spouse, children, and friends see that these necessary study periods are relatively short and will not continue forever. Including those you love in the planning encourages them to be supportive.

In addition to creating blocks of study time, you will need to establish a work environment with few distractions. Keep study materials in that location, along with paper, pencils and perhaps a few snacks. This study area should be used exclusively for PHR certificate prep. Toys or laundry scattered about will not only distract you, but will invite others to invade your study space. If you have a door, close it. If your “study hall” is part of another room, try hanging a curtain, or arranging furniture to suggest privacy. Ignore ringing phones and doorbells, and firmly remind visitors that this is your alone time.
To be successful, your PHR certificate prep time has to reflect your lifestyle. Schedule study time to coincide with your habits. Night owls might study best after everyone has gone to bed. Early birds might prefer waking an hour early to study. The most efficient use of PHR certificate prep time will also take your personal learning style into account. Some people thrive on juggling a number of tasks at once. Others drill down on one thing until it is mastered. Some need music to drown out other sounds and create a comfortable environment while others need silence.

Create a workable schedule and stick to it. Find a study space that’s yours alone. Keep in mind how you work best. Remember, too, that successful PHR certificate prep requires you to keep track of your progress. Testing yourself frequently and reviewing previously studied material are sure ways to keep yourself on track toward your goal of achieving PHR certification.