Human Resources Training

One of the most important human resources functions is in the area of PHR training. New hires, long-term personnel, and everyone in between at some point will be required to undergo HR training. The most effective training does not just address the issues at hand; it does so in meaningful ways that will have long-lasting results.

Unfortunately, a trainer is required to address topics that can be dry and tedious, such as benefits information, or sensitive, such as sexual harassment. This necessitates a creative or humorous approach. Training does not have to be dull. Finding ways to make the material relevant so that employees will see connections to their own lives is key. Simply providing printed copies of office policy or federal laws for employees to read and keep on file is less effective than creating a multimedia presentation, grouping employees and giving them hands-on tasks, or surprising your audience with a game. This teaches the principles in a playful way and will not only make them pay attention, but make the material matter.

But to be effective, HR training must be taken seriously. There are consequences to behavior, and knowing and teaching the letter of the law in such a way that your company’s employees understand the gravity of infractions will help drive points home. One of the best ways to illustrate these rules and regulations is by using an example that a trainee can directly relate to himself, such as a recent news event or an anecdote about a former co-worker. Human resources training shouldn’t just be mandatory; it should be meaningful.