Human Resources Certification

Human resources certification is essential to any HR professional who wants to work at the highest level and earn the greatest respect. A certified HR specialist knows that in order to do the best job possible, a thorough understanding of essential HR values coupled with ongoing training is crucial. Such an individual is esteemed by peers and trusted by supervisors. She knows that her qualifications put her in an altogether different rank than employees for whom a job is simply a job.

Human resources certification is not only a way to catch the attention of those in important positions in the workplace. It’s also an essential tool for landing a job with more responsibility and higher pay at your current company. Having specialized certification can open doors elsewhere, as well. Another advantage is that certified HR professionals regularly network. Just as you would be happy to help someone who shares your values and your work ethic, over 100,000 professionals with human resources certification around the globe might be able and eager to help you.

You may have wondered if there is a difference between a human resources certificate program and actual certification. In fact, there are a number of differences. Certification requires you to demonstrate proficiency in certain areas requiring specialized education and work experience. Unlike a certificate in HR that you earn once and hang on the wall, certification requires ongoing training and periodic recertification. These things mean that when you are given certification, others will recognize you as an accomplished, devoted professional.

Example: Human Resources Management Certificate Program