Human Resource Salaries

As you no doubt already know, human resource salaries cover a wide range and are dependent to some degree upon your years of experience and training as well as the job’s location. In general, specialists and generalists at the beginning of their career can expect a salary in the neighborhood of $40-45,000. Of course, the more experience you gain and the more responsibilities a job requires, the higher you can expect your salary to go.

If you’ve got your eye on a position as an HR manager, you’ll see a salary ranging around $60,000.

Salaries for managers will add approximately $10,000-12,000 more, capping at around $72,000.

A senior manager can expect $78,000-81,000.

The highest paid PHR position is that of vice president, with a salary of around $120,000.

Of course, experience adds value to PHR certified professionals. The median salary for new hires is just under $40,000. Add about $1,200 per year of experience for the first four years. At the end of another five years, the median salary jumps to $55,000. The climb in salary is steady; your experience is worth something to others!

Of course, salaries for professionals with PHR certification vary depending upon what area of the country the job is located. However, the salary range is much narrower than for jobs in many other fields. For example, an HR professional in Houston or Seattle who earns $60,000 would earn $10,000 more by accepting a position in Washington D.C. or Chicago. Atlanta and Dallas would pay the same employee around $62,000.